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Building great products can be hard, but launching your startup shouldn't have to be. We'll do the heavy lifting, so you don't have to

Step 1. Help you develop your startup idea into a clear product plan

We start with your raw idea. In most cases, you've identified a problem with the way the world works and believe the solution can be the basis for a company. We help you clarify your problem statement and identify the highest leverage opportunity. With the problem defined, we explore a broad set of solutions, ultimately narrowing to a single focus that we package into a high-level product plan.

Step 2. Design wireframes and visuals that are as thoughtful as they are beautiful

We convert the high-level product plan into tangible wireframes and prototypes. Our goal at this stage is to define the product experience, map the user flows, and ruthlessly prioritize the features we want to ship in the first version of your product. Once the user experience is clearly imagined, we convert our wireframes into beautiful visual designs, ensuring the product looks exactly how you want.

Step 3. Build your app, website, bot, or other digital product

With the designs and user experience finalized, we begin the engineering of your product. We use a software development methodology called Agile, which requires that we break the project into manageable one-week "sprints". Ultimately, this means we have deliverables to share with you regularly, so you can carefully monitor our progress, as well as provide feedback on the product early and often.

Step 4. Launch, grow, monetize, and iterate

Once we get your app into the App Store, your website live, or your product in the hands of users, our job isn't done. It's just beginning. Rhombus can help you market, grow, and monetize your startup, as well as build the next versions of your product. The nature of our partnership is up to you, but we are prepared to be your long-term partner as you take on the startup world.