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For non-technical entrepreneurs

You bring the idea and vision. We bring the designers, developers, and product managers.

We believe that some of the best startup ideas are imagined outside of Silicon Valley by non-technical professionals with deep expertise in their particular field. Doctors, lawyers, bankers, corporate leaders, and business owners identify opportunities within their personal or professional lives that are often foreign to the tech world, but offer significant potential. We believe professionals like these can build truly category-defining startups with the right technical partner. Thus, our hope at Rhombus is to offer non-technical entrepreneurs the support, talent, process, and technical excellence necessary to transform their startup idea into a fast-growing tech company.

Our process

Your project deserves the world's best team

We hire and manage the best technical talent across every timezone, so you don't have to

Unlike other development companies, Rhombus doesn't have an in-house team. Instead, we build “custom teams” for every project, depending on the needs of the project. If the project requires significant artificial intelligence, we will hire a team that specializes in this area. If the project requires real-time video, we’ll hire a team with this specialization. If the project requires a particular stylistic look, we’ll hire a team that has matching design sensibilities. With this flexibility and global view of talent, we are better able to create awesome solutions and teams on a project-by-project basis. These teams are lead by our brilliant Ivy League-educated product managers.

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Our startups have been featured on Product Hunt, TechCrunch, and 100+ others

Many development companies focus heavily on vanity metrics (Facebook fans, features in publications, etc.) while building products for clients, which look great for their portfolio, but don't necessarily set up their startups for enduring success. That's why we focus on what really matters: Creating a durable, high-growth business driven by a product that customers love. With this in mind, we launch products that grow quickly, are highly recommended, and often make money from day one. Of course, our startups have seen their fair share of vanity (they've been featured in TechCrunch, Product Hunt, Lifehacker, etc.), but their success is built on something deeper.

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